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Eloe is a new supercharged credit card network. Eloe is designed to get rid of merchant fees and improve the rewards consumers earn.

About Eloe

And goodbye to credit card fees!

Eloe is a revolutionary credit network. With no interchange or any merchant fees, Eloe enables you to unlock your full earnings potential.

The Merchant Solution

With our no fee structure, Eloe will be your preferred way to accept payments.

Zero fees on all sales instantly increases your earnings. Say hello to that extra 3.4% and 30ยข you won't be paying anymore.

Unlock detailed customer insights and learn more about who your clients are and what they buy. Eloe helps increase conversions and average order value.

Eloe is the safest and most secure credit card. Say goodbye to fraud and reduce your security expenses, all at no cost to you.

Connect, Earn, Live.

Eloe works just like any other credit card. Use Eloe to earn more, connect with friends, and live your best life.

Earn more rewards on every tap with Eloe. With rewards up to 10%, you've never earned more cash back than you have with Eloe.

Spend socially with features designed to make your life better like live bill splitting, sending cash to your friends instantly, and sharing your goals.

With Eloe's detailed receipt data, you can track your spending automatically and set spending goals with Eloe's help and stay on target!

Ask Eloe

Frequently Asked Questions

Please feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions, but find some common questions about us below

Eloe is targeting a public launch in 2023. Please reach out to join our testing program and become an early partner!

Eloe will not charge interchange or monthly fees. Every tap with Eloe is free by default for both the user and the merchant.

Eloe is working with payment gateways to integrate into the terminals you already own and use. We will also have standalone Eloe hardware terminals and an API for online stores.

Every payment with Eloe is unique to the user/merchant pair and cannot be used at other stores. Add our real-time security monitoring plus fraud detection and you get the most secure credit card ever.

No, Eloe is entirely cloud based. You can use your phone to tap-to-pay when at the store.

Our initial launch is slated for the entire US. We will quickly follow on with international options!
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